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Saint Pauli
A bargue of 388 tons, built in Hamburg, Germany in 1841 by Johannes Marbs and under the command of Captain P Schacht on its voyage to Nelson. Measurements were: 107ft long, 25ft wide and depth 18ft (these are estimates). It left Hamburg on December 20, 1842 and arrived in Nelson on June 14, 1843.
Click picture to enlarge. This 1/48 scale model of the St Pauli, by local modeller Peta Raggett, is in the Motueka District Museum.

The St Pauli was a virtually new vessel at the time she left Europe for New Zealand, a although a three-masted ship-of-war, had been converted for the lucrative emigrant business. Paid Passage was a deal costing the equivalent of 300 English Pounds, in which was included passage, ship-board rations, and at least 50 acres of land at their destination, purchased from the New Zealand Company Agent, one Johann Niholas Beit. The company also guaranteed there would be employment in New Zealand in roadmaking or other development work for those who required it.

What happened on the voyage, and subsequently, is detailed in the Subritzky Family History, by Mike Subritzky. Also check out passenger lists. At the time of the voyage of the St. Pauli there was a trickle of emigration from Germany to Australia, in particular to what is now South Australia and also to New Zealand and Samoa. This trickle soon became a flood as economic and political conditions in the European homelands forced people off the land. A large part of the emigration was to the Americas, but quite a few went on to Australasia and Southern Africa.

Thanks to St Pauli descendant Sheila Natusch of Wellington who supplied some of this information for the book Square Rigged Sailing Ships Visiting Nelson 1841 to 1914 written and published by P D Raggett 2002. Also thanks to Adelaide Bensemann and others involved in the Bensemann Family Reunion Booklet, published in December 1956.


Frederick J Hr BECKMANN (Joiner)
B about 1805 Germany
D Nelson New Zealand
M about 1833 Germany
Anna Maria (surname unknown)
B about 1806 (1797) Germany
D 1876 Nelson New Zealand
1. Franz Henry BECKMAN born about 1834 Germany
2. Maria BECKMAN born about 1835 Germany
3. Cath Christ BECKMAN born about 1836 Germany
4. Paul BECKMAN born about 1843 on Ship St Pauli

St Pauli passengers lists 1843
BECKMANN J Hr Franz Married 38 Joiner St Pauli
BECKMANN Anna Maria Married 37 Wife St Pauli
BECKMANN Franz Henry Boy 9 St Pauli
BECKMANN Maria Girl 8 St Pauli
BECKMANN Cath Christ Girl 7 St Pauli
BECKMANN Paul (born on ship) Boy 1 (born on ship) St Pauli
(Reference Alexander Turnbull Library Wellington reference New Zealand Company register pp 207-14 St Pauli Nelson Emigrant Register)
Beckmann is a joiner, and has a wife and four children already. When at Hamburg, he had bought eighty acres of land from Mr Beit; but whether he will ever get any is a great question.

He works as a shipbuilder and earns 1/. 5s a week. He has a cow, pigs, and also poultry.

The following live in what is called the town of Nelson, which looks rather like a great village than a town, as everywhere town acres have been or are being brought into cultivation, and sown with corn; and there are but few houses in proportion to the plane of the town. All the above have houses if their own, in which they live.
Page Surname Family District Ship
194 BECKMANN joiner Wife & 4 children (land Beit) Nelson St Pauli
(Reference “New Zealand Journal” 1849 Volume 1 page 184-185 & 194-195 Alexander Turnbull Library Wellington Publication Micro Reel 518 / 3 issue 253 London 11th August 1849)
Jury lists
BECKMAN Frederick Waimea West Labourer 07 February 1846
BECKMAN Frederick Bridge Street Carpenter 06 February 1847
BECKMAN Frederick Bridge Street Cabinetmaker 05 February 1848
BECKMAN Frederic Bridge Street Cabinet Maker 24 February 1849
BECKMAN Frederic Bridge Street Cabinet Maker 15 February 1850
BECKMAN Frederic Bridge Street Cabinet Maker 13 February 1851
BECKMAN Frederick Waimea Road Carpenter 18 February 1854
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 27 April 1850
Memorial of Mechanics and Labourers claiming compensation from the New Zealand
Company - Report on the meeting held on 13 April - The paper is lengthy
Listed was Frederick BECKMAN
(Reference National Library of NZ Papers past on line database Nelson Examiner and New
Zealand Chronicle 27 April 1850 Volume IV Issue 425 page 34)
Frederick Aldoph BECKMAN age not recorded died 1868 NZ
PERHAPS ORDER (Reference RGO NZ death registration 1868 folio and new BDM ref 1868/163)
Anna Maria BECKMANN age 79 years (born about 1797) died 1876 NZ
ORDER (Reference RGO NZ death registration 1876 folio and new BDM ref 1876/3881)


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From Kate Guillard 2013-04-26

Peter Paul Charles Beckman.
He was christened on board the ship St.Pauli. Named Peter after the Captain of the ship. Paul after the St.Pauli. Carl after I think it may have been Johann Carl Riemenschneider,the Lutheran Missionary on board.

His father a few years later did not agree with some of the teachings of the Lutherans and left the church. Looking at records it looks as if at this time he changed the name from Carl to Charles. The family changed to Wesleyan Church.