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Note for:   William of Savoy,    -          Index

Event:   Bishop of Li├Ęge
     Type:   Titles and Offices

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Note for:   Guy of Savoy,    -          Index

Baptism:   Abbey of Namur

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Note for:   Robert_II "Curthose" of Normans,   BET 1051 AND 1054 - 10 FEB 1133/34         Index

Event:   Duke Of Normandy
     Type:   Titles and Offices
     Date:   BET 1087 AND 1106

Individual Note:

Individual Notes

Note for:   Richard_II of Normandy,   ABT 980 - 28 AUG 1026         Index

Alias:   Richard the Good

Alias:   called the Good (French: Le Bon)

Event:   Duke of Normandy
     Type:   Titles and Offices
     Date:   BET 996 AND 1027

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Note for:   Fulbert of Falaise,   973 - 1017         Index

Occupation:   Tanner

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Note for:   Harlevin (Herluin) de Conteville,   03 SEP 1001 - 1066         Index

Alias:   Herlevin de Conteville

Alias:   Herlwin of Conteville

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Note for:   Richard_II of England,   06 JAN 1366/67 - ABT 14 FEB 1399/00         Index

Event:   King of England
     Type:   Titles and Offices
     Date:   BET 1377 AND 1399

Burial:   UK - London - Westminster Abbey
     Place:   Westminster, London, England

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Note for:   Marie de St. Hilaire of Hainault,   ABT 1340 - UNKNOWN         Index

Occupation:   a lady in waiting to Queen Philippa
     Date:   BET 1358 AND 1360

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Note for:   Thomas Morieux,   1355 - 05 MAY 1387         Index

Occupation:   Constable of the Tower
     Date:   1381
     Note:   N1691

Occupation:   Master of Horse to King Richard II
     Date:   1383
     Note:   N1692

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Note for:   Blanche of Lancaster,   25 MAR 1345 - 12 SEP 1369         Index

Event:   Duchess of Lancaster
     Type:   Titles and Offices

Burial:   UK - London - St Paul's Cathedral
     Date:   AFT 12 SEP 1369
     Place:   London, England

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Note for:   Phillipa of Gaunt,   31 MAR 1360 - 19 JUL 1415         Index

Event:   Queen Consort
     Type:   Titles and Offices